After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA in Glass in 2012, I am continuing to develop my figurative work in cast glass and further explore the potential for creating unique, expressive materials for my sculptures through colouring glass with a range of metals and substances from nature.

Drawing on my strong interest in glass chemistry and composition, I use the incredible flexibility of the material to breathe life into sculptures reflecting the complex and sometimes confusing interactions between the physical and mental elements of our lives. The body stands at the core of my practice as – like glass itself – it is a site of activity, a space in constant flux and thus offers a fabulous, timeless vehicle for narrating the mechanics and experience of life.

Inspired by the figurative and design traditions of the High Baroque, I seek to create bold, emotional sculpture which uses glass sensitively to afford a glimpse into the inner workings and mysteries of each piece.

Read about the process of creating the glasses for my sculptures.

Browse some of the drawings produced in the design of each piece.

Gallery of selected pieces, many of which are available to purchase.

CLICK HERE to visit the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show website and see more of Alan’s work.


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